Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Greatest #1: Non-Photo - Deanna Staffo

I have been pals with Deanna Staffo for years at this point, but I first fell in love with her work when I saw her award-winning self-promo of kids from 1980's cult films on

I own two original pieces of hers and I am continually impressed by the caliber of her work, which has only become more remarkable over time. To me, her work walks that fine line of something delicate and beautiful, but there's a feeling of a dark, uncertain other world, of a landscape I've never seen before in which her style, characters and stories reside. As well, her work reminds me of that of Egon Schiele who is one my all time favorites.

I begged her to do my logo (above) and it was perfect upon the first draft.

Sufficeth to say, I think her work is singularly inspiring.

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Anonymous said...

I love reading the story of your logo Chloe and yes, it is just perfect.