Monday, August 30, 2010

Spectra PZ Giveaway Winners: Dan Meade, Leah Reich & Sheila Wagner (#3)

I never thought we'd have a 3-way tie, but the incredible submissions for this week's Impossible Project Spectra PZ film giveaway have proven otherwise.

The winners are: Dan MeadeLeah Reich & Sheila Wagner, whose images are in order above. Dan's colors from expired time-zero film, Leah's gorgeous double-exposure in camera and Sheila's ethereal use of light made it impossible to choose.

Congrats to them and thanks to everyone who submitted.

Polaroid Giveaway! (#4)

This week I am lucky enough to be giving ONE pack of the incredible new Impossible Project Color Film to THREE lucky photographers! Pls email ONE image taken on any kind of Polaroid film to Contest ends 9/3/10.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Polaroid Giveaway! (#3)

This week I am so lucky, I get to giveaway the new and amazing Spectra Black & White Polaroid. I have used this film and it is unpredictable and gorgeous!
Pls send your entry to The winner will receive 2 packs of this film and a print from my site of his/her choosing. 
Pls send images taken on ANY kind of Polaroid film wherein the Polaroid film itself plays a role in the effect/impact of the image. 

Artistic TZ Giveaway Winner: Jon Duenas (#2)

I received many, many amazing images for this giveaway and it was hard to choose the one that best used Polaroid to enhance it's visuals.

I am happy to announce Jon Duenas as this weeks winner, whose image is above. He is also on Flickr

What a beautiful image! Congrats Jon!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Children

Shooting kids is the best; they don't care about what you want them to do at all. I was specing a bunch of shoots involving kids and food, and this little girl in the photo above, whom I've shot before and totally adore, was dressed as a rabbit. She came up to me as I was telling her what to do and said "Chloe, I know how to pose," hurtled herself up the hill and on to this rock, then gave me this. Totally amazing.