Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I recently shot for my favorite potter, Ayumi Horie, and here is the result. It will be featured on a postcard you can buy from her site.
I never thought one could enjoy shooting plates and cups....

Monday, October 13, 2008

Future Holdings

As the economy falters, I thought about the advertising used during times of great financial ruin and it seems to be that we should be expecting a lot of happy, fun photography and I hope desperately that this won't be the case. The Lanvin ads from Steven Meisel this season are incredible.
But they do not promote general levity.
My hope is that ads will veer away from general consumption and instead tailor thoughtful ads that appeal to a smaller demographic and therefore can be a bit more exciting. Time will tell.

Friday, October 3, 2008


I was trolling the web for photo competitions a few days ago and found one for SHOTS Magazine. I looked through past editions and found one photographer whose work was lovely, but what was really amazing was his inspiration page, there are some incredible photographers on it. Well worth the time spent looking through the thumbnails. Gorgeous work and references; I can't wait to use them as references.

Roid Rage

The impending finality of Polaroid has been very difficult for me. I shoot almost all 600 film at this point and am trying to find a way to digitally replicate polaroid.
Thus far the best thing I have come up with is having the retoucher I work with, Jose Fuentes, tweak each image by hand. My friend Lisa showed me a website, Alien Skin, the program is called Exposure 2, about which I was initially apprehensive, but as time has worn on and as Lisa urged me to, I played with the program and it seems to be the best option. You can use the polaroid function, but them you have to go into the other tabs and really moderate the colors, pixel quality, etc.
Or you can find a discounted stash and hoard it.....