Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pretty Little Thieves

I found Nancy Mungcal's work a while back and finally got my first piece from her! How awesome is this?

Anna Godbersen

I've know author Anna Godbersen since high school and watched her incredible rise as an writer of young adult books. When she asked me to shoot her author photo for her new series, I was honored (and excited, as she is a really beautiful lady)! This was an outtake, but one of my favorites, from the day.


I am having a show! A selection of my nature shots be on display at the G2 Gallery in Los Angeles and I will be at the closing party on December 5th: long live Arta!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Spectra PZ Polaroid Giveaway Winners: Gerald Chors, Toby Hancock & Chinako Miyamoto (#7)

I am excited to announce this week's winner: Gerald Chors, Toby Hancock & Chinako Miyamoto. They all submitted such beautiful and different pieces, it made it impossible to choose.

These giveaways have been such a pleasure, thank you to everyone who submitted and hopefully there will be more chances to see your work, and more free film, in the future.