Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Greatest #7: Elinor Carucci

I was in the Bay Area last week doing my first nude shoot when a friend asked if I wanted to see Elinor Carucci speak at SF CameraWork about the re-release of her book, Closer. I'd never heard of her before, but I was blown away by her work and thought it might be helpful reference for my editorial. Her personal work covers a wide range: from her husband to her parents to nudes of herself, moving from adolescence to marriage (and not shying away from domestic problems) to parenthood.
I love the work in Closer above all else, it feels unexpected, unguarded and immediate, as well Carucci is gorgeous, intense and beguiling; as a subject she brings much to the image.
Her commercial/editorial work is wonderful as well, it bears her style, sometimes leading to striking results (Dame Edna's mouth).
She is truly remarkable, in every way: an animated, witty and gracious public speaker, a memorable photographer and a seemingly genuine, normal person unaffected by her success.

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