Friday, September 11, 2009

Being Nekid

I recently discovered that I love shooting semi-nudes; I was admiring some of Bryan Sheffield's work a while back and felt very inspired. I did a semi-nude fashion lingerie spread (images forth-coming), a Nerve "date" followed and another shoot at the end of this month.

My first shoot for just went live. I was excited to be asked to shoot something for them; they have such incredible people on their site and find many new, impressive photographers whom I haven't heard of: it's an endless resource.

My friend, who is a beautiful burlesque dancer was kind enough to be my subject, while also getting me into an actual burlesque show I could shoot on the fly. The dancers are all delightful and enchantingly performative, making the whole shooting process quite easy.

The editor, Agatha Wasilewska, was a dream. She has a spectacular eye and does a great edit.

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