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Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Dilemma

I did a spec shoot on Friday. Both my stylist and I hadn't done anything just for ourselves in a long time and wanted to shoot something that excited us. What was interesting was that I went in intending the shoot to be entirely based on huge, wild movement as I had the model on a trampoline. It started out that way: I began by having Alexis jump all over the seamless on the trampoline, but as the shoot went on, I found her poses became redundant as you can only jump so many ways and still look elegant.
It was really important that she look composed, that the jumps felt directed and not lifestyle-y, which she did really well. I wanted each look to be engaging while retaining the sense of movement with which we had begun the shoot.
The direct jumping changed into a (hopefully) more subtle movement of the model catching the air and she wafted about the stage. The focus changing to the clothes moving, not her. I liked this transition a lot. I find it difficult sometimes to fully envision how shots will work together in a final edit, so I try to allow myself to shoot what I like and piece it together later.
I always go with a plan, but often times, I just toss it out the window if something better comes along once we begin working.

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amanda said...

such a gorgeous shot!