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Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Busy Week

I have been in NYC for the past 4 days showing my books and the city's weather has been forgiving, including a warm, breezy Saturday. I will continue until next Saturday and have already had great meetings, including Kathy Ryan at the NY Times Magazine. I don't know how to act when you meet someone like her: be funny, succinct, jovial?

So I think I was just awkward and quiet.

Which is better than chatty, I hope.

Perhaps it's one of those things that gets easier with time. When you meet someone whose shot with everyone, who knows what she wants and what works, I have this litany of questions I'd love to ask, photos I'd love to hear her thoughts on, but clearly, that is not the time to do so.

Two of my favorite meetings were with Andrea Volbrecht at Marie Claire and LinYee Yuan at Theme, both wonderful editors and such lovely people, it was a pleasure to get to sit down with them. Marie Claire has been producing some great on-location fashion editorials and Theme opts for exciting, unconventional photo work. The printed mag is really well done with thick glossy paper and solid black ink; I love the final product. I've collected a lot of them for inspiration and now they are selling the first 15 issues in a set on their website for only $70!

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