Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The New Year

It has been a slow start to what I hope becomes a good and challenging year. I've had two assignments and meanwhile done a lot of personal work, but, it seems at every turn, people I know are losing their jobs or closing up shop. Leah Wilemon, whose agency ESP, was one of my favorites is no more, my editor friend lost her job because her magazine relocated to Ohio, and more seems yet to come.
It seems to me that those who can weather these times will be in a strong position once an equilibrium is found, but the question in my mind is who, of the up and comers, will remain.
You can be smart with marketing and doing new work and working for free for the publicity, but you have to be able to pay the bills. I hope the people who inspire me and the magazines that allow you to shoot creatively make it through.
As a counterpoint to these concerns, I recently was sent Mikael Kennedy's website. It fills me with wonder and elation. His book looks incredible and his photos make it clear what can be done with no money, some good polaroid and obliging friends.

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