Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ears & Cheers

I was sitting in a friend's apartment two weeks ago and she mentioned an actress/comedienne to me, Charlyne Yi, and I put her name on my list of people to google.
Two days later, I got an email about shooting her for the 25 under 25 spread in Venus Zine. A totally bizarre confluence of events and last week I shot her.
Having never shot a comedienne before, I wasn't sure what to bring, as I wanted her to be herself and not feel compelled to "be funny." I bought some animals masks and mickey mouse ears and called it a day.
She showed up early, and was incredibly nice; she knew what did and did not want to do, liked some props and not some clothing options (there was a bolero top) and effortlessly did her thing in front of the white seamless.
I always like to bring props, but I want them to relate to the person I'm shooting, not just be something cute. Charlyne only used what appealed to her which made the whole image work.

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