Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Impossible made Possible

When I heard of the Impossible Project a while back, I didn't think anything of it. I thought it was a vanity project that would never have legs and that Polaroid was gone forever.

Well, I am now eating humble pie. Gladly.

From what I understand, Polaroid will be back, but slightly altered I imagine. Exploring it will be a total joy.

When I was in NYC, I was lucky enough to meet with Dave and Annie of PolaPremium which is my #1 place to buy Polaroid (and not just 600, they have all these other amazing stocks, like 125i Silk). They are actually the US arm of the Impossible Project as well as wonderful photographers in their own right. She has a beautiful collage she did with this new Fade to Black Polaroid, which is inspiring.

They are also wonderful people to simply chat with.

I don't think I can effectively communicate how impressed (and selfishly thrilled) I am that just a few people did the hard work of figuring out how to resurrect Polaroid and allow the rest of us to enjoy it again.

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